Ganges River Swim Report

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Last week I was in Northern India in a small lively city called Rishikesh.  I was here to swim the Ganges River, which is at the base of the Himalayas. I decided to start my Swim about 18 kilometres up … Continued

Gatineau River Swim Report

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Gatineau River Swim July 2016. Last week in swam the Gatineau River starting south of Maniwaki and finishing in the Ottawa River. The day of my swim I drove up to Maniwaki, this time I decided to hide and store … Continued

Agusan River Swim Report

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I planed to swim this river when I arrived to the Philippines. But days after I arrived I found myself caught in an Typhoon and days later there was second Typhoon. My swim was delayed until second week in January. … Continued

Stone from Jordan River

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Stone from Jordan River where Jesus was Baptized.  Old stone I retrieved from bottom of the River near the spot where Jesus was baptized, lots of old fossils marks on Stone.

Sea of Galilee Swim

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My next swim is in Israel set for October 21 or 22 Everyone can follow my swim  progress online in real time, as I will be bringing my GPS. You can find the link next week at my Twitter account … Continued

Ottawa River Swim Report

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Last week I swam the Ottawa River ( Ottawa to Montreal )to raise awareness For environmental Issues of the River & also to complete another tough endurance ultra challenge. I started the swim around 3pm from Victoria Island which is … Continued

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  1. Hi David!

    I’m a radio producer at CJAD 800 in Montreal.
    Would you be free to come on for a short phone interview as you swim into Montreal?
    Please give me a shout at
    Thanks very much!


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